Ways to make money with photography

There has been a significant rise of self-employed photographers, who thanks to growing opportunities on the internet have been able to reach an audience of photography enthusiasts, ready to buy their work. In fact if done right, selling your photographs online can indeed be a method of creating a sustainable income, such as that of another profession i.e. doctor. So just how do photographers make money online?

The paid to draw system

The on-line system that teaches you how  to make money selling your drawings and photos.

The paid to draw system will guide you, step by step, through a proven process of selling your photographs on the internet. This unique system gives you all the information you require to start selling your photos straight away. What's included?
  1. An easy to follow e-book, showing you step by step exactly how and where to sell your photographs. We takes the guess work and hours spent looking for a buyer out for you, giving you chance to concentrate on your photography.
  2. Dozens of video tutorials giving you extra tips - learn what images sell best and at what resolution. We'll even how you how to sell multiple copies of the same photograph to really maximise your profits!
  3. You'll get direct access to an exclusive database containing contact information of companies and individuals ready and waiting to buy your work. Once you make a sale they'll keep in contact ready to pay for other drawings or photos you generate, a great method for a stable income.
  4. You'll receive access to a photographers members area - get tips and ideas and learn from experienced paid to draw members who are already profiting from their photos.

    So join now and become the latest member to profit from selling their photos using this proven system. What are you waiting for?

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